About Nomadic Female

So in a post university haze about seven or eight years ago, I decided to begin a London/lifestyle/travel blog in order to get writing, savour the world around me and get over the general trauma of entering real life.

And thus, from pretty much nowhere, ‘Nomadic Platypus’ was born. A broad amalgamation of travel, post university issues and London living. It was pretty cool, well at least the name was. Nomadic was the travel part – Platypus was the ability to adapt to varying environments.

Nomadic Platypus silently drifted to the side of my consciousness when I began to train as a journalist in 2013 and eventually became a writer on a local rag. A year or so passed, and eventually I realised I could no longer legitimately pass myself off as a journo earning pennies writing headlines about firefighters rescuing pigeons from tall buildings, so, as you do, I became a travel agent for four years.

Now here I am, doing a bit of travelling of my own and living in the dazzling city of Dubai (that’s something I never thought I’d say). ‘Nomadic Platypus’ was a bit out there, and is now ‘Nomadic Female’ with my main aim being to inspire other women to live fearlessly and not think too much.

Whether it be about an adventure on my doorstep here in Dubai, or a trip I’m documenting from several years ago, Nomadic Female is a full, splendid display of my intention to see as much of the world as possible and inspire you to do the same.

If you would like to get in contact please use the handy form below:




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