Blogging University Day#1: Branding and Growth

It’s been six weeks since I wrote a blog post! Say whaaaat?! I promised myself I wouldn’t let life get in the way of my blog but, alas, time has marched on and Nomadic Female sits neglected. I’ve been in the gym six days a week (don’t ask) and going out making some friends in this new country so I have valid reasons. It’s not going to be the powerhouse of honest opinions and humourous anecdotes that it bloody well should be unless I get my ass in gear, however.

So to kick-start this gig of mine, I’ve enrolled in WordPress’ Blogging University and signed up to their Branding and Growth major. Don’t worry, it’s only 10 days, and it’s free! So none of the crippling student debt that normally comes with university enrolment – winning already!

This, if you hadn’t guessed, is Day#1, and I have a few bits of homework already – this post being one of them.

Questions and answers below. Enjoy.

Why do you blog?

I blog for lots of reasons. To keep my mind ticking over. For a creative outlet/therapy. Because I’m good at it. Because one day I’d like to make some money/be successful at it. Because I have travelled a fair bit and love talking about it. Because one day I randomly moved to Dubai and love talking about that quite a bit too. Because I think others could relate to the honest way I approach storytelling, particularly when it comes to travel.

If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like? How many followers would you have? How often would you post? What would your blog do for you?

Nomadic Female would be an empowering, beautiful ode to travel and adventure with a mine of resources, guest posts, experiences and honest stories as its backbone. It would look stunning, first of all. Beautiful photography, a slick design, and tons of interesting and diverse content. It would essentially be a magazine, with close to a million followers. I would be posting 3-4 times a week (and of course I’d have quit my day job by then to fully focus on it, as one does). It would be my main source of income, and would direct me to other freelance opportunities and experiences within Dubai and around the world. That, my friends, is the dream. Let’s hope I visit this post in a couple of years time and can laugh at my ill informed expectations. “A million followers? You stopped counting at 5 million, mate.”

Set yourself three goals, with dates and numbers.

1. To have 50 followers (real followers, not ones that follow you then piss off after a day if you don’t follow them back, lame) within the next 3 months.

2. To post a new blog twice a week. I really struggle with writer’s block, so prepare for some weird and wonderful topics to hit this goal!

3. Spend one hour each week visiting my followers’ blogs, reading, and commenting for the next three months. This one I stole from WordPress’ examples as it’s something I really do not do ever, and have zero interest in. I want to grow my own blog, and don’t believe in #likeforalike or #follow4follow, but I could actually learn from others (maybe) and to be honest, my blog could do with a few more followers, not going to lie.

So there you have it. Day#1 done. That was much harder than actual university. No, really, I studied Drama!


3 thoughts on “Blogging University Day#1: Branding and Growth

      1. I’m not sure I have a secret but I think you need to post on a regular basis remembering that quality is much more important than quantity when you decide the frequency of your posts and try and offer something unique. It takes time to build up an audience so you have to be patient for at least 3 months until people start to take notice. Persevere and enjoy the blogging experience, it’s fun!


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